A globe valve can stop, begin and manage stream in a pipeline. The valve is formed like a circle and adds a stem that goes all over like a plate and a seat. It works by the circle bringing down or raising through the valve stem. At the point when the plate brings down the stream design stop; if the circle develops to greatest, the stream runs at most extreme as well. On the off chance that the circle ascends to not exactly most extreme, the stream manages with respect to the vertical plate position. The stream inside a globe valve alters in course, making more prominent opposition and high pressing factor drop. We offer globe valve which is utilized for single bearing stream control and is likewise proficient for choking administrations. These valves are intended for the most un-conceivable hindrance to free stream.

 Technical Data:
Manufacturing Std. : Generally conforming to BS 5352
End Connectionc : Screwed Ends to BSP / BSPT/ NPT (F)
Socket Weld Ends to ANSI B 16.11
Inspection and Testing Std : BS 6755 (Part – I)
pdf- Industrial Safety Relief Valves India
Globe Valve Supplier in Gujarat - australia
 Test Pressure :
Testing Body Seat
Hydraulic 425 PSIG 300 PSIG
 All dimensions are in M.M :
Size L SCR. Ends
Oc E
15 60 ½” 13.56
20 70 ¾” 13.87
25 80 1” 17.35
40 100 1 ½” 18.38
50 120 2” 19.23
P. No Nomenclature Material
1 Body ASTM A 351 Gr, CF8/CF8M
2 Bonnet ASTM A 351 Gr, CF8/CF8M
3 Wedge ASTM A 351 Gr, CF8/CF8M
4 STEM ANSI 304/316
6 Gland AISI 304/ 316
7 Gland Nut AISI 304/ 316
8 Steam Packing PTFE GRAFOIL
9 Hand Wheel Cast Iron Alluminum
10 Hand Wheel Nut & Washer SS 304 M.S. plated

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